Nothing like choosing an elegant and chic nail design to rock any occasion. These simple designs will help you make an impression.

Taking care of your hands should not be a whim but a priority. Your hands speak of you much more than you think, so you must always wear them impeccably.

The good thing about manicures is that there are endless possibilities. You do not need to bet on flashy or garish designs. There are simple, beautiful, and elegant options with which you can cause a sensation on any occasion.

1. How Are Nails In 2022?

“This year, the classic manicures will coexist more and more with the decorated nails, which this year are going to stomp. But… Do you know what’s hot this season in terms of manicures?

This fashion makes acrylic nails sweep since it is essential to have enough length to make a more luscious decoration “.

2. What Are The Nails That Are In Fashion?

This season so many styles coexist that it is impossible not to find one that suits your tastes, mood, the moment, or the outfit you have thought of for the occasion. However, several trends are sweeping nail salons, and they all have one thing in common: elegance and simplicity.

We will wear manicures in the next few months in which naturalness will predominate. Of course, without leaving behind the original details. These will be the big favorites:

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French manicure

No manicure will dethrone the classic French manicure. She continues to be the queen of manicures, the most requested, but her most classic version is joined by many elegant and attractive updates: inverted, double, combined…

Reversed French

The french manicure turns around. Instead of bringing the color contrast to the tip, it will focus on the base, with a crescent announcing the start of the nail.


Brilli-brilli is no longer reserved for parties and special occasions. Now it is also carried out daily. Of course, to avoid falling into eccentricities, do not go overboard. A few details are enough to make a difference.

Nude tones

The most classic will find their refuge in nude tones and transparent bases, which embellish the nail and provide visual amplitude.

Small details

Tiny dots, stripes, and motifs also dot the nails for a touch of class.


They are ideal on light or neutral backgrounds that generate a sensation of contrast and depth. The nails are filled with lines, rhombuses, squares…

Color game

While the most classic will opt for leaving the nail in a single color, the most daring will be able to combine two or three colors and will play with different shades to achieve simple but more striking designs.

Don’t know which one to decide on? We have prepared a selection of elegant, beautiful, and short nails for which you will not lack ideas.