These are the three haircuts that will be worn the most in 2022: do you want to know if they will look good on your face?. Do you want to change your image, but you don’t know what haircut to decide for 2022? Find out if it suits you before taking the plunge. You will be safe! These are the three winning bets this year.

It’s starting a new year, and, in addition to getting to program the typical resolutions of always, you get a crazy desire to change your image.

Yeah, you are not the only one this happens to. Most of us are crunched by the bug for a brand new look – and that is why we know that you will love to know the haircuts of 2022 that will triumph. I guess it’s a way to “reboot” and start the new year with renewed energy and image.

And you? Have you already considered what you are going to do? You may not want to risk too much and settle for the highlights that will be worn the most in 2022 or doing some easy trendy hairstyles.

But it is also possible that you are thinking of cutting to the chase. If this is your case, be very attentive, because we bring you the three haircuts that will be worn the most in the coming months.

In addition, we give you all the keys to know which one is the most favorable for you. This way, you won’t have to take any risks. You will be suitable for the change.

1. Bob Haircut

Bob Haircut

He has spent several seasons camping freely in hair fashion trends and will continue to do so. These are the eight most requested bob haircuts in hairdressers. This short half-length (also known as ¾ for representing three-quarters of what is considered long hair) is one of the great favorites for its versatility and because it flatters all types of faces and hair colors.

This year we will see it in all its versions, but the Italian bob with bangs and the ends slightly inward (which curiously has a French style) will be a hit; the micro bob and the clavicle, which is the measure that favors all types of women. All a success!

2. Wolf Cut Haircut

Perfect Octopus Haircut for Hair Looking for Texture and Volume

Layers have been very present in recent seasons, and this year it comes in its most daring and wild version. The wolf cut is a look with bangs and many layers to frame the face that provides a lot of volume on top and less density at the nape of the neck. It is a combination of the mullet and the shaggy that exudes personality.

3. Buzz Haircut

Buzz Haircut

Short haircuts took the world by storm last year, and they’re going to do it again in 2022. We’re going from short hair to extremely short, almost shaved this time. A significant jump was only suitable for the most daring. They come in strong with powerful colors, like blues, pinks, and ice white. Nothing to go unnoticed. It is an infallible bet for women with character and a great personality.