The 2022 haircuts that suit you best according to the shape of your face. Trends in hairstyles and haircuts are there for us to follow or not. It all depends on what you recommend to us, more or less depending on the shape of your face.

We all like to follow the trends in haircuts and hairstyles. Those of 2022, which we have already inspected on more than one occasion, come full of flattering styles and are very easy to wear and maintain daily.

However, not all trends favor us equally. And it is that when we choose a new haircut, in addition to loving how it looks on the celebrity on duty, we also have to think about how it can look on us based on our features.

As you can see, some are suitable for more than one type of face, so you will have more to choose from. Check out!

1. Almost Whole Bob

Almost complete bobs with a straight parting in the middle or very subtle and linear waves to highlight the face are among the most important trends for next year, and Alexandra Pereira has already joined it.

Bob Haircut

They create a modern and sophisticated image that perfectly fits with oval, round and square faces as long as they go beyond the chin to harmonize these features. On long faces, they look good in shorter versions and with waves.

2. Carefree Pixie

The very short pixie with a slightly messy texture is perfect for those who go for shorts. The casual touch will help subtract years. The cut can be adapted to any face since we can style it differently: to the side, forward…

It suits almost all faces, but it is perfect for triangular, oval, and round faces. The trick is how we make the bangs longer, to hide a broad forehead or shorter so as not to take a look more petite.

3. Buzz Cut

Buzz Haircut

The buzz cut or almost shaved cuts are daring and a nod to masculinity. If we want to nuance them, I recommend using fantasy colors like platinum, pink, or red lipstick.

I like them for oval or round faces, as it corrects too soft features. I would not use them on faces with notable features such as squares.

4. Boyish Cut

Like the boyish cut, the masculine-inspired cuts can be paradoxically very feminine, especially if we comb the bangs to the side. Suppose the face is small or round; better up if it is elongated or heart-shaped, to one side over the forehead.

5. Seventies Long Hair

Seventies inspiration has taken on a new lease of life and, in addition to the curtain-style bangs that look so good on everyone, shags invite us to comb the layers out on shoulder-length or longer hair.