Short hair can be your best ally this new year, not only because it is very flattering but also because it is very comfortable to maintain and wear. These are the ten styles that will be worn the most in 2022.

The hair trends for 2022 all follow the same maxim: they seek comfort and easy maintenance at home. For this reason, short haircuts have become one of the most sought after by women of all ages. Depending on your style, shape of your face, or hair type, you can choose between different cuts in fashion.

Thus, you can choose between a very refined pixie to mini bobs with bangs that can give a lot of play, going through all imaginable lengths that go from one to another.

Your stylist will be the one who can best advise you on the type of cut that may suit you best, but be sure to show them the images of the look that you like the most from our gallery so that they can replicate it on your hair.

1. Shaved Pixie

We have loved this short haircut for its originality and because it will give your look an irresistible touch of rebellion. It has a slightly longer upper part and a shaved line to separate both halves. He is daring, yes, but also very chic.

2. Shaved Sides

If you want to accentuate the difference between the length of the upper part and that of the sides and the nape, you can bet on a cut like this, in which the lower area is shaved directly. The top is so long that it gives you enough play to try different styles.

3. Blunt Boyish Cut

Longer, boyish pixie cuts are a great way to freshen up your look without committing too much to the barber. Of course, that also depends on how unruly your hair is, but if you have it straight, you can take it more or less long without risk.

The bangs are very blunt and a little messy. Of course, the violet tint is optional, but it gives it a very youthful air.

Short Haircuts for Women That you can Wear

4. Blunt Bob

Blunt bobs are the bobs of the moment. They are worn straight and smooth. Here, some layers have been added at the bottom to control the volume and a sideways fringe that softens the features.

5. Pixie Messy

This haircut is a more even pixie, although worn with longer bangs than the rest. The key here is the hairstyle: to wear the hair tousled but with grace.

You can use styling waxes when you want to wear them like that. The important thing is that the ends are not too straight to give it more movement.

6. Curly Short Hair

Wearing concise hair when it is so curly may seem like a challenge, but it will be a way to simplify your day-to-day. Combing your hair will not cost you anything if the cut is well done.

It is cut in progression, weathered, from the nape of the neck to the forehead so that the lower part is shorter than the upper part but with a transition.

7. Square Short Hair

The square cut is one of the most sophisticated you can choose. It is a rounded half-length at the nape of the neck that comes in handy to control the volume if you have a lot of hair in that area. You can wear it a bit scaled or completely straight.

8. Pixie With Volume

A current pixie cut also replicates the maxim of having the sides shorter than the top but not as refined. You can style your hair up for a face-styling and most rejuvenating finish.

9. Microbiol

A haircut that celebrities like Charlize Theron have worn is now presented as an innovative and functional solution, halfway between the pixie and the medium length. Refrain faces with a very marked jaw.

10. Bob With Bangs

Bob cuts are still a very topical cut, and the truth is that it is not surprising that they do not go out of style because they look great. Here it goes past the jawline and cuts off with a very slight progression. In addition, it is accompanied by fringe baby bangs, a success.