From choosing the foundation and concealer to the way we apply them, not to mention the incidence of lip colors and eye shadows, you may be trying to cover up your fatigue with totally counterproductive practices. This is what you don’t have to do with your makeup when you want to improve your tired face.

1. Concealer too light

It is one of the big mistakes when it comes to hiding dark circles. If you choose a concealer that is too light instead of covering dark circles, it turns them gray. Look for a tone that is as close to your skin as possible.

2. Dark and matte foundation

Choosing a shade darker than your skin is not flattering at all. The idea is to find the same tone or, in case of doubt, a little lighter. The same thing happens with finishes: most people prefer it matte, but the complete absence of shine makes the skin lose its juicy appearance, something that always favors the face.

3. Choosing the wrong lip tone and outlining them

You may think that lipstick does not affect the look of fatigue, that anything that adds color to the face is flattering and also diverts attention from the look (which is where fatigue is most evident), but lipstick can be decisive.

The ideal, in these situations, is to choose a tone similar to your natural lip color and avoid outlining it.

4. More is less

To cover up fatigue, less is better than more. With a lot of makeup, the signs of fatigue will be more noticeable.

5. Do not mark the eyebrows

In any case, makeup eyebrows are important; but it is much more so when you are tired. A good frame for the eyes can open the look a lot (squint when we are fatigued): The ideal is to comb and fix the eyebrows in an upward direction to further enhance its effect.

6. Choosing the wrong color of makeup

Be careful not to add purple, blue, or very dark shadows when your face shows fatigue, you would make the situation worse. The same with blush, you have to find the tone that suits your skin type.

7. Dry Skin

With dry skin, any makeup that sits on top of it runs the risk of cracking, which will end up enhancing the look of tiredness on your face.

Simple Eye Makeup Tips

8. Concealer applied around the eye contour

The contour should be applied just where the dark circle appears, from the tear duct to the middle of the eye, and blended. Doing it all over the eye contour is not profitable because too much product will end up accumulating on the outside of the eye, which will inevitably end up marking the expression lines more.

Also, be careful to use an illuminator as if it were a concealer, you will end up with some ridiculous dark circles.

9. Excessive tanning

Bronzing powder, yes, but in its proper measure (which will always be the less and more diluted, the better). Abuse of them will not help you minimize the contrast of dark circles, if not quite the opposite.

10. Excess blush

Follow the logic of less is more. Putting a 90s blush on your cheekbones and cheeks is prohibited because the result is completely unnatural.

Ideally, apply a small amount starting on the apple of the cheek and blending outwards in an upward direction. And, if you go too far, use the remains of the foundation brush to gently lay it on top to blend the blush.

11. Excessive eyeliner

In eye makeup, you cannot miss the mascara and a light eyeliner that joins the gaps between the eyelashes, nothing more. An exaggerated eyeliner ends up accusing the fatigue of the face.

12. Too much makeup base and poorly spread

The base, the lighter, the better. You have to make it blend with the skin so that it covers imperfections without accumulating a lot of product.

13. Excess shadows and too dark

When you have puffy eyes or suffer from bags, excessive eye shadow is a big mistake. Even more so when you choose very dark tones or you opt for powerful smoky shades. Look for illuminating shadows, in nude or beige tones, that opens up your gaze and make it look natural.

14. Bad conjugation of glitters

Be careful with shine. Applying a matte foundation indeed deteriorates the appearance of the skin by eliminating its juiciness, but letting the shine run wild is just as dangerous.

Those that you should eliminate with mattifying powders are those on the forehead and chin, and on the rest of the face, without excesses, they are a plus of vitality.