Good eye makeup will depend mainly on our tools to do it. It is not the same to make up with a basic brush kit as with a complete one that includes brushes to blur and achieve beautiful transitions between shadows. In general, it is advisable to have the following makeup tools:

1. Shadow brushes

We say it in the plural because the ideal is to have one (at least) for each function. Thus, at least you will need a brush to apply shadows (they are usually short, dense, and resistant hair) and another to work transitions and fades (this one is usually very soft and long hair, to give more play in circular movements ).

Additionally, you can count on a small, flat brush with a rounded tip that allows greater precision. In addition to being used for concealer, you can be used to apply pigments and creamy shadows with special effects or apply shadow between lashes.

It also does not hurt to have a small brush with a rounded ferrule to apply points of light in the tear duct or under the eyebrow’s arch.

2. Outline brush

Although if you are a beginner, using the brush to draw the eyeliner may impose more on you, it is the tool that allows greater precision and a smaller margin of error. It can be a beveled brush or a pointed one, and it’s just a matter of preference.

3. Eyelash curler

This tool is only necessary if we talk about straight eyelashes without a natural curl. If yours have a natural curvature, you can go directly to the mascara.

4. Eyebrow tools

We can use a goupillon, a brush like the one used to apply mascara, or an eyebrow comb to shape them.