If you are not sure where to start or what look to choose so that it does not become a disaster, you cannot miss this essential step-by-step eye makeup guide with ideas for looks that are more than affordable for non-professionals.

Suppose there is something capable of attracting our attention in the Pinterest or Instagram feed. In that case, it is excellent step-by-step eye makeup, especially if it is detailed to be easily replicated.

We are talking about those looks with impeccable color transitions. The contrasts between shimmer and matte shadows are combined with attractive blurs and gradients, giving rise to hypnotic creations.

Although the truth is that finding easy and beautiful makeup is sometimes not an easy task since most of those looks that we keep in our albums and boards are not designed for beginners.

Especially when it comes to making up the eyes with shadows, sometimes we have a hard time finding affordable options, both in terms of the time it takes and the techniques used.

1. Simple Eye Makeup

Simple and natural eye makeup like this is what we all look for in our usual looks. It is characterized by a beautiful combination of shadows in shades between pink and peach that are applied, in this case, to the outer half of the mobile eyelid, as if creating a gradient.

A very natural brown eyeliner and a touch of highlighter in the corner of the eye complete this versatile and flattering eye look.

Simple Eye Makeup Tips

2. Natural Eye Makeup

The best for day-to-day or even to accompany a very sophisticated event styling is a natural look, featuring tones close to the color of the skin (range of pink, beige and nude) and without too much artifice.

To give it depth, we can make an invisible eyeliner on the upper eyelid (between lashes) and work the lashes very well so that they are curly, intense, and without a trace of lumps.

3. Wedding Eye Makeup

Events always give us more room for wearing more special eye makeup. In the case of an afternoon wedding, we can even afford to use shimmery shadows that we like so much.

It is enough that we work a base with matte shadows in brown tones with the contours well blurred and that we add that shadow with a shiny finish in the center of the mobile eyelid to achieve a beautiful effect.

To complete, we must outline both water lines (upper and lower) with a good impact between the lashes and apply a good mascara (or false lashes). And to shine!

4. Brown Eye Makeup

Brown eyes are very versatile when combining different shades of shadow. In order not to fail, ranges such as browns, pinks, ochres, or even purples are almost always a good choice.

We have selected a gradient makeup in pink tones, from terracotta (to give depth) to pearl (to illuminate). The dark, matte-finish shade is applied in this look to the sides and the eye socket, leaving hints of shimmer from the pearl shadow on the inner corner and center of the eyelid.

Eye Makeup With Eyeliner

5. Eye Makeup With Eyeliner

If outlining with gel or marker resists us, we can always look for this flattering pencil smudge effect. It is achieved by making the stroke with a black eye pencil and blurring with a shadow brush to achieve that soft finish.

In this case, they have also applied a brown pencil stroke over the black eyeliner to create a subtle blend between the eyeliner and the shadows.

6. Smoky Eye Makeup

Nothing is more hypnotic than smoky eye makeup, although the truth is that they require some skill and good brushes. Although amazing gradient effects can be achieved with various combinations of shadows, in order not to complicate ourselves and fall into typical mistakes, we can bet on a single matte tone to cover the mobile eyelid.

Thus, we will focus on working the edges so that they are well blurred, and we will slightly mark under the line of the lower eyelashes to give depth to the look.

7. Simple And Natural Eye Makeup

A simple gradient in neutral tones looks spectacular on any occasion. In this one, the light shadows are concentrated in the inner part, and they get darker as we go out.

Thus, the outer V is blurred with the darker shadow, subtly applied under the lower lashes. In any case, the key to making it beautiful will be to work well the transition between tones in the center and adequately blur the edges.