When it comes to weddings, there are many things to think about. There’s the registrar, the ceremony, the perfect wedding venue, and of course the catering. But when it comes to edible centerpieces, there’s only one thing that will do, which is a staple of most weddings, and that’s the wedding cake. So what options are available for you to choose from at your wedding?

1. The Tiers

One thing that sets a wedding cake apart from a birthday cake, Christmas cake, or the classic victoria sponge is the number of layers the cake has. Because you’ll want to feed multiple guests with a slice, you’ll want to have an ample amount of tiers on your cake. And at the same time, you’ll want to include several to give it the height and size that a sweet masterpiece truly deserves.

One tier won’t quite cut it, and two tiers probably wouldn’t give you the height you’re looking for. It’s traditionally seen that three tiers are the best way to go. It means that the bottom layer could be eaten at the ceremony, the middle layer could be given away at the end of the event, and the third layer would be saved.

However, even with traditions, there are no set rules when it comes to the number of tiers a wedding cake needs to have. It could have as many as you want and is practical. This could be four, five, six, or even seven layers. If you have a lucky number you could include that amount of tiers, or you could designate each tier to something important to you and your partner.

2. The Design

How a cake looks, especially when it comes to a wedding cake, is as important as how it tastes. There’s no limit to how you could approach this, but the traditional cake features round circular tiers, white icing, and a selection of decorations including flowers and other greenery.

Beautiful Wedding Cake Options Are Available

If you’re wanting a traditional wedding you can stick with this style of design, or you could really push the boat out and go for something different. Perhaps it would be a square-based cake, or maybe it could have triangular tiers instead.

Maybe you’ll want to experiment with colors, or perhaps there’s a color you both love that would look perfect on a wedding cake. And when it comes to piping and adornments, the sky’s the limit on what your wedding cake can be decorated with.

3. The Flavour

Considering guests will be eating cake as well as looking at the masterful centerpiece, you’ll also want it to taste good too. There are multiple flavors you can choose from, with a number of interesting flavors becoming ever-popular.

You can stick with the traditional fruit cake that features marzipan, or you can go down a different route by offering a sponge cake instead. A vanilla or lemon-flavored cake might not sound that avant-garde, but they’re popular for a reason and would be a safe bet for all of your guests.

You could push the boat out with a red velvet cake for that luxury feel, or you might decide to get the veg involved with a carrot cake. And if none of them take your fancy, you can always choose chocolate.

And as well as flavor, you might also want to consider any dietary requirements you or your guests might have. If they have a dairy or gluten intolerance, will that be reflected in the ingredients used in the cake? Or will you have separate cakes made available?