We will tell you the types of manicures that will be worn the most in 2022 to serve as inspiration. Take note!. If you already know more than enough about the nail trends that will be the season, the time has come to look at what is coming and collect the types of manicures that will triumph in 2022.

We can affirm that minimalist and straightforward manicures will be the main protagonists, from nails with a natural base and small details of geometry to the French manicure of a lifetime and the new versions of stomping).

Trends For Your Nails In 2022

Shapes. Short nails are positioned as the favorites and gain ground over extra-long gel nails. They are more comfortable, more hygienic, and easier to maintain.

Colors. Just like bare nails, with a light coat of clear polish. Natural tones, nudes, browns, and beiges will be a hit.

Designs. Designs with a natural base and details of dots, lines, or brilli details are popular. Geometry is the top trend, and the French manicure is reinventing itself.

Please take a look inspired by the different manicure ideas that we have given below.

Manicure Trends 2022: Natural Nails

1. Manicure Trends: Natural Nails

As we have told you, the top trend in manicure is to wear natural and impeccable nails. To achieve this result, file them to the desired shape and apply several layers of transparent nail polish.

2. Manicure Trends: Nude Tones

Continuing with the previous trend, we also highlight manicures in nude tones as the favorites of celebrities. Jennifer Lopez bets on these makeup shades for long and round nails. The result is super elegant!

3. Manicure Trends: Dots

As for nail art proposals, dotted manicures stand out. Doing it at home is very simple: apply a transparent base nail polish and decorate each nail with a dot in a contrasting color.

4. Manicure Trends: Geometric Designs

Manicure with geometric designs (and freehand) will also be among the most demanded options in 2022. In this case, it will be more challenging to get it at home because it requires a bit of skill.

5. Manicure Trends: American Nails

This new version of the French manicure has become the most desired of the season and is known as the American manicure. We could define it as a French with a more natural base (similar to skin tone) and a less intense white.

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6. Manicure Trends: Metallic French Manicure

Metallic tones are trendy, both in fashion and in manicures. We love the idea of ​​wearing the French manicure on short nails and with a silver color.

7. Manicure Trends: Inverted French

As you can see, the French manicure does not stop reinventing itself, and its inverted version looks pretty original to us. If you are tired of the usual French manicure, try this one that is just as easy to do.

8. Manicure Trends: Inverted French

And another way to wear the reverse French is by combining a garnet shade (which never goes out of style) and a silver glitter nail polish. Take note of how to do a French manicure step by step and get to work!

9. Manicure Trends: Brown

Brown has become one of the most fashionable colors for 2022, so a manicure in these shades will be a safe bet for the colder months. Maria Pombo has chosen to add a beige heart to decorate it, and it looks perfect!

10. Manicure Trends: Beige

And for those who prefer lighter tones, beige will also be a hit—a color halfway between ‘milky nails,’ nude tones, and natural nails.