Retinol is already one of those assets that have become popular to such an extent that they have become an infallible basic in our toiletry bag. Due to both its enormous benefits, its new anti-aging cream features retinol. Here we have explained retinol uses and benefits in your skincare routine.

1. What is Retinol?

Even though you’ve heard the term thousands of times, you may still not be entirely clear on what it means. Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A whose formula has been improving for years.

retinol acts by penetrating the deep layers of the skin, thanks to its light molecular weight, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which favors epidermal thickening and the consequent reduction of wrinkles.

It also benefits the cell renewal process, achieving a smoother and more luminous skin, provides firmness, and reduces dark spots”.

Pure retinol provides a powerful anti-aging result effective on all skin types, being especially suitable for sensitive skin that may present irritation and little tolerance to the retinoids.

Retinol acts by penetrating the deep layers of the skin

This is thanks to its combination with bakuchiol, a natural active ingredient of plant origin that has been established as an alternative to retinol, as it has very similar benefits with the advantage of being ideal for the most sensitive skin.

This night treatment is completed with other active ingredients, such as a postbiotic complex (which revitalizes the skin, and balances and protects the skin microbiota).

This composition manages to stop the signs of aging in a more than effective and tolerant way with all skin types.

2. How to Apply it?

If you’ve never used retinol before, incorporate it into your facial routine every other day for the first few weeks. Being a beginner, some side effects may appear (such as mild irritation, dryness, or flaking) that are quite normal and should always be applied at night, while sunscreen is your best ally during the day.

Previously, due to its instability, retinol could cause sensitivity and slightly irritate the skin. Thanks to the new formulation and production technologies, these problems of the past have been minimized and retinol has become one of the favorite active ingredients to combat aging.

So, if you are looking for the perfect retinol product to start improving your skincare routine, has every chance to become your new beauty favorite.