Midi and long hair are the easy-to-maintain shortcuts that best suit women over 50 years of age. The simplest haircuts are the most flattering, no matter how old you are. Some fashionable ones, like the mullet, do not suit everyone and, in addition, have the complication that they require continuous maintenance.

However, the ones we have selected here are designed for women over 50 to look great in them without the need for frequent visits to the hairdresser.

They are basic cuts because they last perfect for months; that is why we have not included an option for concise hair, because every month or two, they need touch-ups.

We have focused on melenitas and melenas, long and midi, and some micro. They always look good and have a significant advantage that they rejuvenate.

1. Long Hair With Bangs

If you are crafty, you can cut your bangs yourself at home, so visits to the hairdresser can be every so often if you opt for long hair with bangs. It rejuvenates a lot and is a style suitable for any age with many personalities.

2. Microbiol

This type of cut is trendy this year, but it’s a staple that many older and younger women ( here’s Kaia Gerber ) turn to. It is very chic and can be grown without any problem.

3. Melania Capeada

This may be the haircut that most women over 50 wear, and it is essential. Timeless and elegant, it favors both if you have a lot of hair and finite hair. The layers give movement and texture to the mane and can be worn either parted on the side or in the center.

4. Collarbone Cut

A little longer, reaching the height of the clavicle, but straight. It is a cut that instantly rejuvenates, especially if worn as shown in the image, with an open fringe.

5. Long Straight Hair

If you are a fan of longest hair and looking for a minimalist cut, forget about the layers and have it cut straight, with very polished ends. Of course, you can scale the front locks to give it movement and frame the face, a perfect trick to rejuvenate the look.