Filler and Botox is a relatively recent trend that has really taken off in recent years. As demand for this non-surgical cosmetic work increases, so does the number of people who offer these services. This has driven the price down of many businesses that provide filler and botox treatments, particularly as training has become much more easily accessible.

Despite this, there are a number of signs that are highlighting that Botox and Filler treatments might become more expensive. The question you are probably wondering is, why?

1. Why are Filler and Botox currently so cheap?

Depending on where you go to get Botox and Filler, you will notice a big variation in price points. Since it is possible to learn how to administer Botox and Filler fairly easily, more and more people are ‘training’ to supply the demand for these treatments.

On the other hand, there are some aesthetics training companies that only teach medically trained professionals such as Nurses, Doctors, and Dentists. These companies also typically charge more and the reason for this is that they provide much more in-depth training and cover areas such as facial mapping and anatomy, of which medical professionals will already have an understanding.

One cosmetic training business; ‘Dr Hennessy Academy’ provides training courses for medical professionals that are designed to give the very best theory and practical training in the industry. They also provide live models to practice on which can be hard to find at many training centers and courses.

2. Risks of getting cheap Filler and Botox

Although it is understandable that cheaper Filler or Botox may be more appealing, there are some risks to consider.